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Introduction & Overview: Iowa's First / VeroBlue Farms


Complete turn key service from engineering to construction management to equipment fabrication and installation.

Urban AquaCulture with Martin Schreibman


Learn about our sustainable, responsible urban aquaculture systems from urban aquaman, Martin Schreibman.

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FG-6 Above: FG-6 System

A Complete Turn Key Modular System with Minimal Operating Costs

The Opposing Flows Aquaculture 12-Pack system includes tanks, drum filters, blowers (all water is moved throughout the system with blown air which also oxygenates the water and removes co2 in the process), cablevey feed system (including conveyer, drops and bulk feed bin), water pumps and material for blown air and water filtration systems.

  • (12) 10,000 gallon aqua culture tanks with built in fluidized bed bio-filters
  • (2) drum Filters
  • (2) 40 hp blowers
  • Cablevey Feed System including conveyer, drops & bulk feed bin
  • (6) 2,000 gallon water storage tanks
  • Water pumps (for water storage tanks)
  • All necessary pipe materials for blown air and water filtration system.

Aquaculture tanks offer local, sustainable and responsible fish farming solutions on a global scale.

environmentally friendly fish farming

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Opposing Flows Aquaculture commenced business in 1997. After many years of research and development, the company was awarded a patent on its "Opposing Flows" technology. Opposing Flows Aquaculture now offers a complete turn key installation of its FG-6 Aquaculture system.

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Did you know? VeroBlue Farms is the exclusive global distributor of the Opposing Flows Aquaculture System.

Did you know? The FG-6 Aquaculture System is constructed exclusively of durable FDA-approved fiberglass.

Did you know? FG-6 is modular; start with just six of our aquaculture tanks and add tanks as you grow.